EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.13

Added by alexandre mary 3 months ago

Commit commit:1396635a

(!) FA support requires cy46_t1_op1.05/cy46t1_bf.07 of

Contents since 1.4.9:

(to get the same contents without element [13] => get v1.4.12)
(to get the same contents without elements [12],[13] => get v1.4.11)

  • Invoke python3 explicitly in shebang
  • Add get_inputs (for gallery) target in doc Makefile
  • domain_making: threshold Lambert/Mercator raised to 5deg from equator
  • [12] Pruning of basemap-based plotting functionalities and .cmap user-defined colormaps (use .json instead, cf. examples in doc). Include pruning of
  • contourf_kw, colorbar_kw and pcolormesh_kw arguments added to cartoplot method
  • [13] FA: Upgrade to cy46_t1_op1.05/cy46t1_bf.07, in order to be able to read GRIB2-encoded FA/LAM fields, and fields with missing values in FA
  • LFA/DDHLFA better distinction
  • netCDFMNH: support for MNH 5.5.0
  • FA: upgrade gribapi.def files to v32
Side packages:
  • epyweb: removed, to be installed with pip: pip3 install
  • revision of tolerant_equality of RecursiveObject

And a whole lot of various fixes...

snowtools_git: New release in cen SURFEX branch

Added by matthieu lafaysse 8 months ago

Dear Crocus users,

The cen branch (stable branch for Crocus users) has just been updated with numerous modifications including:

- The CrocO framework for data assimilation in Crocus with a Particle Filter: from Bertrand Cluzet

- Numerous numerical optimizations (order of loops, position of if statements, netcdf instructions, etc.) significantly improving the running times from Rafife Nheili

- Standalone version of Crocus for coupling with other numerical surface schemes: from Rafife Nheili

- Rewritting of microstructure prognostic variables with explicit names and removing of B92 metamorphism parameterization from Mathieu Fructus

- New functionalities of Crocus-RESORT module: from Carlo Carmagnola

- Other minor changes from various contributors

Many thanks to all contributors and to Mathieu Fructus and Rafife Nheili for the merging work and associated tests.

For standard users, only minor numerical differences are expected compared to previous version.

All branches from our group (cen cen_hotfix cen_release cen_dev) have converged today at a unique and common state before the beginning of a new cycle of developments.

There is no urge to update your code but note that we will ask all users to update their code in case of bugs in older versions.
(git pull and new compilation)

If despite all our tests, you meet troubles with this new version, please report them through the support interface:

Thank you

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.9

Added by alexandre mary 8 months ago

Commit commit:478bf0ba

Contents since 1.4.8:

  • Complete rewriting of Gallery of use-cases
  • Doc index update, along with other minor changes
  • More portable installation script:
  • Deployment script update
  • domain_making : allow for different X & Y resolutions in Regular LonLat geometries
  • Rect/RegLL geometry plotting adapted to cartopy
  • attach uvRelativeToGrid to field when relevant, and rely on this attribute as a default for wind plotting: (!) may change default behaviour of wind plotting.
  • field.scatter_with() improvement
  • colormapping.get_ColormapHelper facility
  • DiagnosticsResource: GRIB2 codes for graupel and pressure departure was not up to date
  • new HDF5SAF format, used for some satellite products (e.g. SAF LAND)
  • NetCDF: smarter guess of regular lon/lat
  • FA: Update sfxflddesc_mod wrt SFXv8.1+
Side packages:
  • make vgrid: new target in main Makefile for building vgrid binary

And a whole lot of various fixes...

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.6

Added by alexandre mary about 1 year ago

Commit commit:b4880121

Contents since 1.4.3:


  • fix GRIB writing of constant fields
  • netCDF CF-1.4 stereopolar projection decoding
  • efficient iterator in GRIB (for f in g)


  • porting to belenos
  • porting to MacOSX
  • Makefile, deployment and installation updated (new directories/paths)


  • EPyGrAM no longer is in charge of setting matplotlib backend: now to be set in $HOME/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc
    backend: Agg is the recommended non-interactive backend
    backend: Qt5Agg is the recommended interactive backend for Mageia7
    cf. for more information
  • operations on Angles

And a whole lot of various fixes...

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.3

Added by alexandre mary over 1 year ago

Commit commit:c6c0cbb8

Contents since 1.4.2:

A whole lot of various fixes...

  • formats plugged at runtime, if underlying package is available
  • TIFF: porting to python3
  • applicative functionalities are now implemented as plugins: vtk (3D visualization), basemap, cartopy
  • vtk: cf. commit commit:7ddd11b0 for more details
  • cartoplot: colormap_helper and extent arguments
  • cartoimage method (vector field as color composition)
  • porting to Bull Sequana (epona)

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.2

Added by alexandre mary almost 2 years ago

Commit commit:fc8cf8c2

Main advances:

  • porting of map plotting to cartopy, due to the deprecation announcement of basemap
  • new apptool:, shall replace with cartopy
  • plot3D update, including

More detailed contents, since 1.3.6:

  • grib_utilities becomes griberies
  • rewrite of GRIB read/write methods
  • creation of GribDef objects
  • new apptool
  • what(): nicer list of fields
  • listfields(additional_keys=...)
  • Numerous fixes
  • global: avoid to call trans_inq just to get SPdatasize for usual truncations
  • use of faFieldName.def GRIB definitions and sfxflddesc_mod.F90 instead of FA_Field_Dict.csv (=> adaptations needed if you have local .epygram versions)
  • GRIB2 : better and faster search within GRIB2 files, bugfix for plotting vectors, shortcuts for parameters updated
  • Misc: shortcuts for operational models updated (Vortex, domains), new pre-defined zooms
  • fields comparison: scatter_with(), compare_to(), normalized_comparison()
  • recursive objects comparison improvement
  • cartopy: cartoplot() and default_cartopy_CRS() methods
  • New apptool:
  • Simplification for 3D plotting: * offset, hCoord and z_factor are now hidden from the plotting methods * new util.vtk_guess_param_from_field to ease the choice of the above variables * util.vtk_set_window becomes util.vtk_setup * new util.vtk_proj function to ease the camera manipulation
  • Simplification regarding excludeextralevels parameter
  • Correction in D3VirtualField.getlevel when level values are position dependent
  • D3Geometry.isglobal property is added
  • geoid was missing in geometry returned by make_section_geometry
  • extract_subdomain can now performs a vertical coordinate change on the whole domain
  • ECMWF pre-configuration profiles
  • netCDF: Geos geometry read
  • netCDF: ignore failed read of validity
  • new handling of colormapping helpers + epygram colormaps in json format (=> adaptations needed if you have local .epygram versions)
  • improvement of installation script (known platforms only) => towards site-packages
  • suppression of femars apptool
  • porting to epona fixes
  • optimisation for interpolation on Gaussian geometry
  • various and numerous fixes...

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