EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.3

Added by alexandre mary over 4 years ago

Commit commit:c6c0cbb8

Contents since 1.4.2:

A whole lot of various fixes...

  • formats plugged at runtime, if underlying package is available
  • TIFF: porting to python3
  • applicative functionalities are now implemented as plugins: vtk (3D visualization), basemap, cartopy
  • vtk: cf. commit commit:7ddd11b0 for more details
  • cartoplot: colormap_helper and extent arguments
  • cartoimage method (vector field as color composition)
  • porting to Bull Sequana (epona)

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.4.2

Added by alexandre mary over 4 years ago

Commit commit:fc8cf8c2

Main advances:

  • porting of map plotting to cartopy, due to the deprecation announcement of basemap
  • new apptool:, shall replace with cartopy
  • plot3D update, including

More detailed contents, since 1.3.6:

  • grib_utilities becomes griberies
  • rewrite of GRIB read/write methods
  • creation of GribDef objects
  • new apptool
  • what(): nicer list of fields
  • listfields(additional_keys=...)
  • Numerous fixes
  • global: avoid to call trans_inq just to get SPdatasize for usual truncations
  • use of faFieldName.def GRIB definitions and sfxflddesc_mod.F90 instead of FA_Field_Dict.csv (=> adaptations needed if you have local .epygram versions)
  • GRIB2 : better and faster search within GRIB2 files, bugfix for plotting vectors, shortcuts for parameters updated
  • Misc: shortcuts for operational models updated (Vortex, domains), new pre-defined zooms
  • fields comparison: scatter_with(), compare_to(), normalized_comparison()
  • recursive objects comparison improvement
  • cartopy: cartoplot() and default_cartopy_CRS() methods
  • New apptool:
  • Simplification for 3D plotting: * offset, hCoord and z_factor are now hidden from the plotting methods * new util.vtk_guess_param_from_field to ease the choice of the above variables * util.vtk_set_window becomes util.vtk_setup * new util.vtk_proj function to ease the camera manipulation
  • Simplification regarding excludeextralevels parameter
  • Correction in D3VirtualField.getlevel when level values are position dependent
  • D3Geometry.isglobal property is added
  • geoid was missing in geometry returned by make_section_geometry
  • extract_subdomain can now performs a vertical coordinate change on the whole domain
  • ECMWF pre-configuration profiles
  • netCDF: Geos geometry read
  • netCDF: ignore failed read of validity
  • new handling of colormapping helpers + epygram colormaps in json format (=> adaptations needed if you have local .epygram versions)
  • improvement of installation script (known platforms only) => towards site-packages
  • suppression of femars apptool
  • porting to epona fixes
  • optimisation for interpolation on Gaussian geometry
  • various and numerous fixes...

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.6

Added by alexandre mary over 5 years ago

Commit commit:ccb8424

Main advances:
  • Python3 support for GRIB, provided you have ecCodes 2.10.0 onwards
  • 3D plotting (requires vtk)
  • Diagnostics meta-resources

More detailed contents, since 1.3.3:

  • 3D plotting (as_vtkGrid, plot3DContour, use_field_as_vccord and plot3DVolume)
  • method center added
  • getvalue_ij and getvalue_ll rewritten
  • interpolation bilinear instead of linear_spline when possible
  • extractsection and extractprofile added
  • bug correction for getvalue_ll (linear and cubic)
  • + and - operations: keep fid if same, compute a consistent validity, in consistent cases
  • domain_making: add possibility to set reference_lat for lambert
  • method eq_Hgeom
  • optimization and parallelization of several methods
  • plot3DLLImage, plot3DBluemarble
  • method vcoord_as_field
  • VGeometry: exclude_extralevels option for hybridH2altitude
  • profiles: flux and mass heights now contain extra levels
  • Field_Dict_FA.csv: correction for distinction between 0-3-4 and 0-3-5, for cloud water and ice crystal, default value for productDefinitionTemplateNumber
  • caches in find_fields_in_resource and inquire_field_dict
  • fieldencoding optionally updates fieldscompression dict
  • fid of GRIB messages more flexible according to product template number
  • fix for int keys in index
  • optimization
  • moveOnMass option
  • default value for productDefinitionTemplateNumber
  • fid correction for misc fields read from LFI in true3d mode
  • minimal support when Xgrid and Ygrid are defined as 3D
  • DiagnosticsResource
  • new format netCDFMNH
  • update installation script (@cnrm) - incl. dissociate vortex and epygram
  • Python3/ecCodes2.10.0 adaptation
  • numerous various fixes...
  • precipitation types colormapping (ptype, ptype0)
  • epyweb: Minimal support of GRIB2 files

snowtools_git: New release in cen SURFEX branch

Added by matthieu lafaysse over 5 years ago

Dear Crocus users,

The cen branch (stable branch for Crocus users) has just been updated with numerous modifications including:

- merge with all technical modifications of SURFEX v8.1 master branch :

- merge of various new developments which can optionnally be activated :

Multiphysical system ESCROC (Ensemble System Crocus). Documentation:
Explicit representation of impurities :
Snow management in ski resorts:
Modification of radiation corrections on explicit slopes:
Add topographic metadata in diagnostic files:
Coupling of Crocus snowpack model with Multiple Energy Balance scheme for snow-vegetation interactions (documentation not yet available)
MEPRA expert system for avalanche hazard diagnostic (documentation not yet available)
SYTRON scheme for erosion/accumulation of drifted snow in the massif geometry (documentation not yet available)

The main technical consequence for standard users is that the namelists from version 8 are no longer supported. Users must adapt their namelists from this version 8.1 example:

Note also that the results of standard applications on slopes are likely to be affected by the changes in the radiations parameterization. There was not any modification in the main snowpack scheme itself.

Note that we will ask all users to update their code in case of bugs in older versions.
(git pull and new compilation)

If despite all our tests, you meet troubles with this new version, please report them through the support interface:

This new release is the result of a long work from many contributors, including a major investment of Rafife Nheili for merging.

Thank you

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.3

Added by alexandre mary almost 6 years ago

Commit commit:660134f5

Contents, since 1.3.2:

  • domain_making update: I and E zones in pgd
  • hybridP_coord_to_3D_altitude_field()
  • vgrid site package; provide handy tools to generate vertical hybrid-pressure coordinates (A & B)
  • in place method modify_validity()
  • even better handling of the gribapi indexes bug (the former still led to "Too many open files error")
  • installation script:
  • numerous various fixes...
  • doc: dependancies, colormaps, cheatsheet.pdf,

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.2

Added by alexandre mary about 6 years ago

Commit commit:1cfe0f1

Contents, since 1.2.15:

epygram is now Python3-compatible, EXCEPT that neither gribapi nor ecCodes is...

  • new geometry RotatedLonLat
  • get rid of home-made module myproj (towards pyproj)
  • more consistent azimuth() between geometries (caution: non-reproducible with former method, available through plane_azimuth())
  • more consistent use of geoid in distance/linspace/azimuth (caution: non-reproducible with before)
  • Gauss grid: resolution_field_from_stretching
  • better handling of the gribapi indexes bug (the former led to "Too many open files error")
  • ecCodes support, with a switch to use gribapi/eccodes and default to ecCodes
  • more options in the writing of fields
  • use vortex' ftppool for faster and more reliable transfers
  • new mechanism for interfacing Fortran routines (arpifs4py)
  • stricter equality between objects, new function tolerant_equal()
  • rationalisation of init_env()
  • GeoPoints format: more modular
  • numerous various fixes...
  • doc and Field_Dict_FA updates

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.2.15

Added by alexandre mary over 6 years ago

Commit commit:9b50175

Contents, since 1.2.10:

change default colormap from seismic to RdBu_r, softer for the eyes...
more options to basemap
call to (e)trans_inq through SpectralGeometry object
ability to plot uniform fields with points/scatter
Gauss geometry resolution_field()
plotfield(): add rcparams control
mesh_area methods for projected grids
levelsnumber in H2D.plotfield() can be a discrete list of levels
function to compute gauss_latitudes()
function to compute 3D pressure field from hybrid-pressure coordinate and surface pressure

bugfix in FA-Gauss writing
guess field type (H2D/Misc) if not in Field Dict
more control on limitation of FA compression (customizable in config)

ability to read spectral fields (spherical harmonics)
workaround a bug in gribapi indexes
workaround 'pv' key absence

regular_lonlat grid_mapping and resolution consistency

Epyweb fixes and updated defaults

fixes for FTP and session memory leak
quiet_get() context manager

domain_maker reorganized in order to be used from Olive (clim_3to1 configuration)
departments option
margin in lonlat-included domain generation, customizable in config

more unit-tests
movings to bronx site-package along vortex

Doc and Notebooks update
Numerous various fixes
update Field_Dict_FA (visibility)

snowtools_git: The name of SURFEX branch for Crocus has changed.

Added by matthieu lafaysse over 6 years ago

Dear Crocus users,

The main branch for Crocus users was renamed "cen" instead of the complex name "lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb".

To be able to receive the next updates, all of you who installed this branch must do the following command to refer to the new remote name :

git branch lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb --set-upstream origin/cen

Then, optionnally, you can also rename your local branch name for consistency with:

git branch -m lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb cen



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