EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.3

Added by alexandre mary over 2 years ago

Commit commit:660134f5

Contents, since 1.3.2:

  • domain_making update: I and E zones in pgd
  • hybridP_coord_to_3D_altitude_field()
  • vgrid site package; provide handy tools to generate vertical hybrid-pressure coordinates (A & B)
  • in place method modify_validity()
  • even better handling of the gribapi indexes bug (the former still led to "Too many open files error")
  • installation script:
  • numerous various fixes...
  • doc: dependancies, colormaps, cheatsheet.pdf,

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.2

Added by alexandre mary over 2 years ago

Commit commit:1cfe0f1

Contents, since 1.2.15:

epygram is now Python3-compatible, EXCEPT that neither gribapi nor ecCodes is...

  • new geometry RotatedLonLat
  • get rid of home-made module myproj (towards pyproj)
  • more consistent azimuth() between geometries (caution: non-reproducible with former method, available through plane_azimuth())
  • more consistent use of geoid in distance/linspace/azimuth (caution: non-reproducible with before)
  • Gauss grid: resolution_field_from_stretching
  • better handling of the gribapi indexes bug (the former led to "Too many open files error")
  • ecCodes support, with a switch to use gribapi/eccodes and default to ecCodes
  • more options in the writing of fields
  • use vortex' ftppool for faster and more reliable transfers
  • new mechanism for interfacing Fortran routines (arpifs4py)
  • stricter equality between objects, new function tolerant_equal()
  • rationalisation of init_env()
  • GeoPoints format: more modular
  • numerous various fixes...
  • doc and Field_Dict_FA updates

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.2.15

Added by alexandre mary almost 3 years ago

Commit commit:9b50175

Contents, since 1.2.10:

change default colormap from seismic to RdBu_r, softer for the eyes...
more options to basemap
call to (e)trans_inq through SpectralGeometry object
ability to plot uniform fields with points/scatter
Gauss geometry resolution_field()
plotfield(): add rcparams control
mesh_area methods for projected grids
levelsnumber in H2D.plotfield() can be a discrete list of levels
function to compute gauss_latitudes()
function to compute 3D pressure field from hybrid-pressure coordinate and surface pressure

bugfix in FA-Gauss writing
guess field type (H2D/Misc) if not in Field Dict
more control on limitation of FA compression (customizable in config)

ability to read spectral fields (spherical harmonics)
workaround a bug in gribapi indexes
workaround 'pv' key absence

regular_lonlat grid_mapping and resolution consistency

Epyweb fixes and updated defaults

fixes for FTP and session memory leak
quiet_get() context manager

domain_maker reorganized in order to be used from Olive (clim_3to1 configuration)
departments option
margin in lonlat-included domain generation, customizable in config

more unit-tests
movings to bronx site-package along vortex

Doc and Notebooks update
Numerous various fixes
update Field_Dict_FA (visibility)

snowtools_git: The name of SURFEX branch for Crocus has changed.

Added by matthieu lafaysse about 3 years ago

Dear Crocus users,

The main branch for Crocus users was renamed "cen" instead of the complex name "lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb".

To be able to receive the next updates, all of you who installed this branch must do the following command to refer to the new remote name :

git branch lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb --set-upstream origin/cen

Then, optionnally, you can also rename your local branch name for consistency with:

git branch -m lafaysse_fromV8trunk_withmeb cen


EPyGrAM: Release of v1.2.10

Added by alexandre mary over 3 years ago

Commit commit:0e2352a

Contents, since 1.2.0:

Extract a subzone, keeping projection properties: field.extract_subarray()
Update of geometry.plotgeometry()
Factorization of functions in domain_maker
Histograms of fields: field.hist() +
Option --only_maxdiff/--oxd
Horizontaly averaged profiles (FA,
Grid-to-grid resampling: field.resample() and .resample_on_regularll()

Ability to read/write GRIB2-encoded fields in FA (using grib_api), with an from cy42_op1 onwards

On-the-fly options in writing: writefield(adhoc_behaviour=...)

Mode filesystem
Numerous various fixes

Points/profiles extraction to netCDF: usevortex.extractor()

Preparation to future compatibility with Python3
Support for LFI on MF-Bull

Numerous various fixes
Field data accessors, made cleaner
Various other cleanings
Update of the documentation
Notebooks in Tutorial

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.2.0

Added by alexandre mary about 4 years ago

Commit commit:e0dcee6

Several improvements w.r.t. convention CF-1.6 and geometry.
(Almost full-) Compatibility with the forthcoming SURFEX v8.1 netCDF outputs.

Integration of EPYWEB: a Vortex+Epygram HTML interface for plotting fields from MF operational suites and OLIVE experiments.

Other new features
Pre-staging mode in usevortex
Function fields.psikhi2uv()
Function util.datetimerange()
Computation of wind direction

Porting fixes for Mageia6
More flexible colormaps scalings (as radar)

And a quantity of fixes !...

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.1.3

Added by alexandre mary over 4 years ago

Commit commit:b53faebc

Advanced netCDF support:
Read/write from/to netCDF files well better handled (examples to come).
Support for any kind of fields, including temporal dimension (from a single Point to a 4D field).
Facility: any field can be dumped to a netCDF file, thanks to the dump_to_nc() method.

Fields' internal data is 4D
Although rather transparent to the user, the internal data storage of fields is now always 4D. This modification brings great simplification in many places.
The getdata()/setdata() methods are hereby essential to use, with the optional d4=True.

Better handling of time dimension in fields
Corrections, modifications linked to previous item, and possibility to extract a time index or extend time dimension with another field (cf. methods).

Animation of fields
Fields with a temporal dimension now propose a plotanimation() method, that create a matplotlib animation, that can be saved to a MP4 file.

"Special resources": or how to get 3D/4D fields from 2D resource(s)
A new proxy function to create easily "special resources" (epygram.resources.special_resource()), that enable to:
- make 3D fields from a resource containing a series of horizontal fields distributed on the vertical;
- make 2D fields + temporal dimension from a series of 1-time resources;
- combination of both.

Better handling of matplotlib's figures and axes in plotfield()
Enables to have multiple plots on the same figure, and a more trustful superposition of plots.

Derivatives for Gauss grid fields (arpifs4py)
Similarly to the cartesian grids, through the compute_xy_spderivatives() method.

Traitement DACCIWA: Jeu de fichiers rayonnement

Added by bruno Piguet over 4 years ago

Une série de fichiers comportant les mesures du Climat (Cimel) et des Kipp&Zonen a été produit.
Pour l'instant, ce jeu couvre les vols 17 à 23.
Il n'y a pas de correction de l'effet de l'attitude de l'avion sur le rayonnement global descendant.


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