Platform for project management of EPyGrAM.

  • To have EPyGrAM installed locally (@ MF-CNRM):
    ask CTI the synchronisation of /home/common/epygram and /home/common/sync/vortex
    then follow the contents of /home/common/epygram/EPyGrAM/_install/INSTALL_README_cnrm_bull.txt
    On Bull clusters beaufix and prolix just follow /home/gmap/mrpe/mary/public/EPyGrAM/_install/INSTALL_README_cnrm_bull.txt
  • To clone the GIT repository, you would need 1/ to sign in on this platform 2/ to send your public SSH key to, specifying the read-only or read-write access intended.
    git clone ssh://

    git clone ssh://
  • HIRLAM members: should rather get from the HIRLAM clone, cf. Ulf Andrae and/or Daniel Santos Munoz
  • Other indications about installing EPyGrAM: wiki
  • Any other question (including being registered to the project) to:

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