Enhanced Python for Graphics and Analysis of Meteorological fields

The epygram library package is a set of Python classes and functions designed to handle meteorological fields in Python, as well as interfacing their storage in various usual (or not) data formats.

Platform for project management of EPyGrAM.


in installation directory, under epygram/doc_sphinx/html/index.html
(may be re-generated with make doc if cloned from repository)
or a frozen-version, which may not be up-to-date:

Mailing list (to receive information about updates or issues):
To subscribe, send an empty mail to with, as subject:

subscribe epygram <Firstname> <Name>


To clone the GIT repository, you would need 1/ to sign in on this platform 2/ to send your public SSH key to, specifying the read-only or read-write access intended.

git clone ssh://

git clone ssh://

Other indications about installing EPyGrAM: wiki

Any other question (including being registered to the project) to:

Copyright (c) Météo France (2014-2020)
This software is governed by the CeCILL-C license under French law.
Downloading this code means that you have had knowledge of the CeCILL-C license and that you accept its terms.