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CNRM gradually offers access to a larger set of data and software developed in the laboratory or in collaboration with the scientific community.
This site offers access to the relevant source codes and documentations, which can be found following the Projects link.
Access is granted free of charge for research laboratories under an Open Source license agreement. For other users, conditions are mentioned in the license agreement.

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Latest news

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.6
Added by alexandre mary 6 months ago

snowtools_git: New release in cen SURFEX branch
Added by matthieu lafaysse 8 months ago

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.3
Added by alexandre mary 10 months ago

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.3.2
Added by alexandre mary about 1 year ago

EPyGrAM: Release of v1.2.15
Added by alexandre mary over 1 year ago

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