New release in cen SURFEX branch

Added by matthieu lafaysse over 5 years ago

Dear Crocus users,

The cen branch (stable branch for Crocus users) has just been updated with numerous modifications including:

- merge with all technical modifications of SURFEX v8.1 master branch :

- merge of various new developments which can optionnally be activated :

Multiphysical system ESCROC (Ensemble System Crocus). Documentation:
Explicit representation of impurities :
Snow management in ski resorts:
Modification of radiation corrections on explicit slopes:
Add topographic metadata in diagnostic files:
Coupling of Crocus snowpack model with Multiple Energy Balance scheme for snow-vegetation interactions (documentation not yet available)
MEPRA expert system for avalanche hazard diagnostic (documentation not yet available)
SYTRON scheme for erosion/accumulation of drifted snow in the massif geometry (documentation not yet available)

The main technical consequence for standard users is that the namelists from version 8 are no longer supported. Users must adapt their namelists from this version 8.1 example:

Note also that the results of standard applications on slopes are likely to be affected by the changes in the radiations parameterization. There was not any modification in the main snowpack scheme itself.

Note that we will ask all users to update their code in case of bugs in older versions.
(git pull and new compilation)

If despite all our tests, you meet troubles with this new version, please report them through the support interface:

This new release is the result of a long work from many contributors, including a major investment of Rafife Nheili for merging.

Thank you