The tflowclient package (Text-based workFlow scheduler Client) provides all the necessary bits to build text-based console clients to interact with various workflow schedulers. For now, only SMS is supported: see the bin/ executable.

Use at Météo-France

The tflowclient package is preinstalled on several Météo-France servers. More information is given in the Wiki.

Requirements & Dependencies

The tflowclient package is only compatible with Python >= 3.7.

The tflowclient package itself only depends on the non-standard urwid package that is available on PyPi.



Just fetch the code and add the src directory to your PYTHONPATH.

Via setuptools

The setuptools package can be used:

python ./ install

It might be advisable to install this package in the user's specific pythons directories. To do so:

python ./ install --user

Test your installation

Use nosetests manually or launch it through setuptools:

python ./ test

Once the package is installed, the  bin/ executable can be launched. It allows you to interact with a dummy workflow.

Source code access

The souce code is stored in this Git instance :

git clone


This code is released under the CeCILL-C license.


More information is available in the file of the source code distribution.