Structure of the code

Contains all the classes and methods shared by the vortex project and standalone applications.
It includes only pre-processing of input files and post-processing of output files.

Contains technical classes and methods useful in various modules of the snowtools_git project which are not included in the bronx module.

Contains the typical sequence of instructions necessary to run a full simulation in standalone mode.
This is only suitable for light applications of snowpack modelling (number of simulation points < 200) and low number of simulation experiments.

Contains codes to plot the simulated snowpack profiles (instantaneous or temporal evolutions).

Contains unit tests that should be run after any new development to check the robustness of the new implementations for other applications

Shared package with vortex (useful functionnalities, including namelists and dates)

The contents of utils and bronx can be imported in any other part of the project.
The contents of tools should be imported only by modules of tasks or directly by Vortex
The contents of tasks and plots must never be imported in tools and utils.
The contents of tests must not be imported anywhere else in the project.
bronx must stay an independent module. It cannot import any other module of the project.

Vortex call only tools and utils
tasks might call some Vortex facilities some day

Any modification required in bronx should be also done in vortex cen branch.