snowtools_git is a series of mostly python scripts that are designed to make our life simpler in terms of pre- and post-processing of SURFEX-Crocus snow model.

Note that this package is only useful for people interested in using numerical codes of snowpack modelling on a Linux environment. The package does not include any meteorological or snow data.
It must be used in association with the SURFEX project ( )

General informations about snowpack modelling with SURFEX-Crocus can be found here:

(!) The documentation of snowtools have been moved to

Procedure for new users

Obsolete documentation

First installation

  1. Install snowtools
  2. Install SURFEX
  3. Install VORTEX only for Meteo France HPC system
  4. First test

First simulations for SURFEX: the Meteo-France surface model, which includes the Crocus snow cover model

Snowtools: code library to launch, pre or post process SURFEX-Crocus simulations

Infos if you are out of the Meteo France intranet:

SURFEX-Crocus: infos for developers

Vortex: code library specific to HPC Meteo France system