Proplotter gui

The files resulting from SURFEX-Crocus simulations can be seen via a Graphical User Interface.
For standard graphs, the plotting area is divided in two parts:
  • on the left, a seasonal graph: time is the x-axis
  • on the right, a vertical profile of a variable at a given date
    Moving the mouse on the left plot should change the right plot
The general behaviour of proplotter_gui is:
  • click the Open File button to select a file
  • select the two variables of interest: one for the left seasonal graph, the other for the vertical profile graph)
  • select the point of interest (only one point for usual graph)
  • click the Plot button
There are several options for graph type:
  • usual graph (default) to plot a PRO file on one point of your simulation
  • multiple plot: let free a part a point selection in order to have several points to plot
  • member plot: specific to Meteo France system: in order to compare members of a simulation
  • height graph: follow a variable in a specific place like 10 cm under snow surface
  • compare graph: allow to compare two differents PRO files of a simulation

In order to launch the gui,type the following:

python3 $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/plots/stratiprofile/

After a short moment, it should open

Window when proplotter_gui is open

Choose standard graph.
Open file from the First Test simulation
Choose one of the two possible points of this simulation.
The result should be something like (don't forget to move your mouse):

Window when proplotter_gui is active

Everything should be quite intuitive, do not hesitate to ask question at if necessary