The snowtools_git project can only be installed on a Linux environment.

The s2m command for running simulations requires python 3.7. Support for python 2.7 is not guaranteed after December 2021.
It also requires some very common python packages, not always provided by default with python :

In addition, the Graphical Tool Interface to plot simulation outputs requires python3.5 and the following packages:

(not necessary for users who only need the s2m command)


Provide your ssh public key ($HOME/.ssh/ to (if you have not already sent it for the SURFEX project):

If this file doesn’t exist, you can create it with the command ssh-keygen -t rsa (it is easier to not provide any passphrase).
Someone is going to read your e-mail, so please explain briefly why you are sending your key and put the key in attached file rather than directly in the text. Then, you have to wait until you receive a reply to your request. In working days, it usually takes less than 48 hours.

Download the code.

  • Developers must use PyCharm or Eclipse to download and edit the code. PyCharm does not require any additional plugin whereas Eclipse needs the git and pydev plugins.
    For PyCharm, click on VCS -> checkout from version control -> git
    For Eclipse click on File -> Import -> Git -> Projects from Git -> Clone URl

Type the following line in the URl field:


Click on Clone (PyCharm) or Finish (Eclipse) (or configure what you want during the following steps)

  • For other users who do not need to edit the code:
    Navigate to the location where you want to download the code, and type the following command in the terminal:
    git clone ssh://

Define the following environment variables:

export SNOWTOOLS_CEN=/yourpath/snowtools_git

We recommend to put these commands in your .bash_profile file.

Define an alias for s2m command:

alias s2m="python3 $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/tasks/" 

Define an alias for proreader Graphical User Interface (nearly deprecated):

alias proreader="python3 $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/plots/" 

Define an alias for proplotter :

alias proplotter="python3 $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/plots/stratiprofile/" 

We recommend to put these commands in your .bashrc file.

Recommendations if you need to install snowtools_git on several machines (for instance your PC + belenos and/or sxcen)