Download SURFEX-Crocus outputs from vortex experiments

The following scripts are available to download SURFEX-Crocus outputs obtained from vortex experiments.

General case, for any deterministic simulations :

For ESCROC multiphysics simulations :

For PEARP-S2M reforecasts :

For S2M operational monthly reanalysis :

For S2M daily analyses and forecasts :

Requirements :
On servers (ex: sxcen, soprano), you must configurate environment variables to use common a vortex install:
Vortex developers can use their own vortex install.
On laptops, vortex must be installed (only for vortex developers).

Take care : files will be also stored in your vortex cache --> you need to clean the cache by yourself if you re-run a simulation that you had already downloaded.
Take care : The download of big files must be done only on sxcen due to limitations of CEN network speed.

Use --help for available options, and feel free to implement new interface options if necessary.