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v1.0.5 (2021-03-02)
v1.0.4 (2021-01-14)
v1.0.3 (2020-03-12)

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Release notes

What's new in 1.0.5 (2021-03-02)

  • Add possibility to use French translation for plotting annotations.
  • New plotting function plotting.summary_bar_chart.
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_barScoresConc.
  • New argument in plotting.plot_stationScores: boundaries_above.
  • New argument in plotting.plot_barScores: ref_line.

What's new in 1.0.4 (2021-01-14)

  • Add possibility to use data with time step of 3, 6, 8 or 12 hours.
  • plotting.plot_medianStationScores now works for objects with daily
    time step.
  • *plotting.plot_timeSeries: median or mean is now performed only with data
    where no missing value is found across all objects.
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_exceedances_scores.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_lineExceedances: black_axes,
  • New argument in evaluator.Observations.from_cn: correc_unit.
  • New argument in evaluator.Simulations.from_cn: correc_unit.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_barExceedances: outputCSV.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_barScores: outputCSV.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_barContingencyTable: outputCSV.
  • New arguments in plotting.roc_curve: start_end.
  • New arguments in plotting.performance_diagram: start_end.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_timeSeries: min_nb_sta.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_diurnalCycle: nb_of_minor_ticks.
  • Various minor fixes.

What's new in 1.0.3 (2020-03-12)

  • New plotting function plotting.plot_valuesScatterPlot.
  • New plotting function plotting.performance_diagram.
  • New plotting function plotting.roc_curve.
  • New method evaluator.Observations.from_nc.
  • New method evaluator.Simulations.from_nc.
  • bug fix: legend was sometimes wrong in plot_barScores.

What's new in 1.0.2

  • New method Evaluator.selectCountries.
  • New method Simulations.to_obs().
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_barScores.
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_barExceedances.
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_lineExceedances.
  • New plotting function plotting.plot_barContingencyTable.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_stationScores: cmaplabel, extend, land_color, sea_color, mark_by.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_taylorDiagram: norm, frame, crmse_levels.
  • New arguments in plotting.plot_timeSeries: thresh, thresh_kw.
  • bug fix: a wrong threshold was used in Evaluator.FDscores when multiple days were asked.
  • bug fix: variance was used in Taylor diagram instead of standard deviation.

What's new in 1.0.1

  • evaluator.Observations.movingAverageDailyMax, evaluator.Observations.movingAverageDailyMax and evaluator.Observations.movingAverageDailyMax have no longer keep_first_day argument.
  • plotting.plot_stationScores has two new arguments: sea_mask and land_mask.
  • New variable plotting.figsize. Its default value is (8, 5) and it corresponds to the value of the argument figsize of matplotlib.pyplot.figure used in evaltools plotting functions. Thus, changing its value in your script allows you to modify the size of all plots you get with evaltools.
  • New argument color_by in plotting.plot_comparisonScatterPlot.
  • New method evaluator.Evaluator.fairmodeBenchmark.
  • New argument obs_style in plotting.plot_timeSeries, plotting.plot_dataDensity and plotting.plot_diurnalCycle.
  • New argument nb_of_minor_ticks in plotting.plot_meanTimeScores, plotting.plot_medianStationScores, plotting.plot_timeScores and plotting.plot_timeSeries.
  • New methods Simulations.drop_unrepresentative_stations and Observations.drop_unrepresentative_stations.