Vortex packages


The Python package footprints, developed along the Vortex project at Météo France, is intensively used as base classes for many epygram classes.
Therefore, it needs to be installed beforehand.

The purpose of the package is to have objects defined by the set of their attributes (name, nature of each attribute, optionally their values) within families of similar classes (collectors).
Hence, the package proposes generic factories of objects, given a set of attributes.
my_object = footprint_factory({set of attributes}) --> the class of my_object is choosed by footprints, with regards to the name, nature and possibly values of the attributes.

The use of this package enables flexibility, to the detriment of code clearness though...


The package taylorism has been developed with epygram but then integrated to the Vortex project. It is since provided as a site package along footprints.
Its purpose is to provide a handy framework to run several tasks in parallel on several CPUs (with shared memory).
A description and examples are provided in the Vortex and epygram documentations.

For now, the package is only used by the apptools and

Note: uses footprints and opinel (or bronx from vortex-1.2.2 onwards).


The package bronx has been created recently as an externalisation of some miscellaneous functionalities within both vortex and epygram that were not tight to the core of these packages and supposedly
subject to be used from outside these packages.

These packages are available in site directory since v1.2.10 tarball