Radiation on slopes

Correct parameterization of incoming radiations for homogeneous explicit slopes

! This parameterization considers there is an homogeneous and infinite slope.
! It replaces the parameterization LNOSOF = FALSE which is wrong in that case
! (I do not know if LNOSOF = FALSE parameterization is correct in some
! other SURFEX configurations).
! The LSLOPE parameterization must be used when the shortwave direct radiation has already
! been projected on the slope.
! The incoming diffuse shortwave and longwave radiations are horizontal and isotropic.
! The modifications of these fluxes is only due to a sky view factor which is estimated for
! an infinite slope.
! The longwave radiation of the complementary solid angle is computed assuming
! the surface of the opposite slopes have the same temperature.
! The shortwave radiation reflected by the opposite slopes are neglected.
! Do not modify the direct radiation which must be projected in the forcing file.

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M Lafaysse

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August 2017

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To be done (M. Fructus)

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(!) (!) (!) Forcing files must have the radiations projected on the slopes. (!) (!) (!)
This is the case if the sloppy forcing is generated by snowtools_git.
This can not be the case with old forcing files.