Install standalone version of Crocus

For users who want to couple Crocus with their own surface scheme, instead of downloading the whole project SURFEX-Crocus, you can download only Crocus and its dependencies with the following commands:
In the download directory:

git init 
git config core.sparseCheckout true 
git remote add -f origin ssh:// -t cen 

Save the attached file "sparse-checkout" in .git/info/
git pull

CROCUS is ready to use. To test it, an executable "prog" is available after compilation just run it


For external import in a Fortran surface scheme:
Users should :
  • first compile externalized Crocus as mentioned above
  • In their surface scheme makefile, add option

    with setting of SRC_SURFEX variable to the appropriate path.

This way, the Fortran source files of the user's surface scheme can import Crocus by:


(!) Be Careful: before performing any local update of the repository, you need to manually check for updates of the "sparse-checkout" file attached below. In case changes have occurred, update your local copy of in .git/info manually prior to running 'git pull'

For SURFEX developers:

If during development we have to use others files from SURFEX-CROCUS project we add them in .git/info/sparse-checkout then tap

git read-tree -mu HEAD

(!) Be Careful: the modi_* files are not generated automatically, you have to update them when their subroutine are updated in SURFEX source