Procedure for new users

Users interested by snow modeling with SURFEX/Crocus model must register on this website (top right of the window).
Please always fill in the "comments" field asking for an access to SURFEX and snowtools_git projects. If you have never been in contact with the Crocus team before your request, please explain briefly your interest in this model.

Once you have received a confirmation of your account creation, please send an e-mail to crocus at because we need to activate your account for these specific projects.
Then, you will be able to install the codes following the procedures given in this wiki:

For users which need scientific advices about the relevance of using Crocus for their application, please contact crocus at

For users which meet technical difficulties during the installation or the execution of the codes, we only provide support through the interface of this website:
We will try to answer as soon as possible although we can not guarantee a fixed response time.

We advise you to turn on notifications in order to get informed of updates of your tickets (In "My account", section "Email notification"). Do not forget to click on "Save" after each change.