Compilation of spatial interpolator of SAFRAN

On belenos, a precompiled binary is provided in the CEN uenv environment. Therefore, this step is not required unless you need to modify the interpolation software.
If you want to use your own version :

cd $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/interpolation/
module purge
module load intel
module load intelmpi

ln -sf Makefile_belenos Makefile

Running the code does not require any module load command. It is much safer to purge all modules before running.
Do never add module load commands in your .bashrc or .bash_profile files to avoid very tricky bugs.
Do absolutely never load netcdf module before running the code as this would load conflictual library versions with the ones used for compilation

On your PC, if you need the interpolation software of SAFRAN meteorological fields on list of points or regular grids, you need to compile the corresponding Fortran application even if you do not modify the code:
At CEN, Netcdf with parallel support must be installed in /opt/netcdf4-parallel (ask Romain if not available)

cd $SNOWTOOLS_CEN/snowtools/interpolation/
ln -s Makefile_pc Makefile