Advanced tests of s2m with vortex

The success of the following commands must be checked before a new code release :

Reanalysis test case:

s2m research -r alp_allslopes -b 20220801 -e 20230801 -m safran -f reanalysis2020.2 -o reanalysis_test -n snowtools_git/snowtools/DATA/OPTIONS_V8.1_NEW_OUTPUTS_NC_reanalysis.nam

ESCROC test case:

s2m research -r cdp -b 1994100101 -e 2014100100 -x 2014100100 -m ESM-SnowMIP -f obs@lafaysse -o E2_test --task=escroc --escroc=E2

Stochastic perturbation test case:

s2m research -r cor_flat -b 20200801 -e 20210801 -m s2m -f reanalysis2020.2 -o perturb --task='croco_perturb' --nmembers=80

Croco test case:

s2m research -r postes_12_csv -b 2013080106 -e 2014063006 -x 20160801 -m safran -f forcing_20132014B_31D_11_t1500_160@fructusm -o test0l -n ~lafaysse/croco/OPTIONS_MOTHER_DEP.nam --task='croco' --croco='real' --escroc=E1notartes --nmembers=35 --nforcing=35 --conf=/home/lafaysse/croco/conf.ini -s ~lafaysse/SURFEX/cen/exe_mpi --obsxpid=obs@lafaysse --sensor=bdclim 

Operational analysis and forecast:

s2m oper -b YYYYMMDD03 -r alp
s2m oper -b YYYYMMDD03 -r alp --task='forecast'

Building of reforecast initial conditions test case:

s2m research -r vog3_allslopes -b 20000801 -e 20010801 -a 400 -m s2m -f reanalysis_era5.2023 -p reanalysis_era5.2023 -o initialconditions_test -n snowtools_git/snowtools/DATA/OPTIONS_V8.1_NEW_OUTPUTS_NC_reanalysis_forprep.nam

Reforecast test case

s2m research -b 20000302 -e 20000327 -r vog3_allslopes -n /home/cnrm_other/cen/mrns/lafaysse/snowtools_git/snowtools/DATA/OPTIONS_reforecast.nam --task='reforecast' -m safran -f reforecast_2023 --nmembers=11 -p initdaily_era5.2023@lafaysse -o reforecast_test