• Update documentation
  • Update model_${model}_coord routines (a file contaning coordinates is now mandatory for all models)
  • Update links.ksh scripts to create the required files
  • Add for fit divergence check
  • Add IFS model, remove alembix model (now merge with WRF)
  • Change NEMO data folder (separation between nemovar and cera-20c experiments)
  • Change NEMO namelist accordingly
  • Add GEOS model
  • Bug fix in model_gfs_write
  • Add an option for ice/no-ice mask in compute_sampling
  • Update data/nemo/cera-20c/links.ksh consequently
  • IMPORTANT bug fix in the 3rd and 4th order momemts computation
  • Rewrite moments computation to save cpu and memory
  • Change block weights definition to ensure symmetry with vertical sampling
  • Add bounds for asymptotic statistics
  • Update dual-ensemble calculations to ensure localization bounds
  • Add compute_norm routine to normalize localizations
  • Change vertical localization fit (use of EOF)
  • Merge compute_fit_ver merged with compute_fit
  • Update compute_fit test for brute-force optimization
  • Add fit weight option in the namelist
  • Improvement of memory management for local diagnostics
  • Correction of reading routines for double precision floats in NetCDF files
  • Bug fix for rand_cdf in simple precision (case cdf(ntest) = r)
  • OpenMP parallelization activated in compute_avg
  • Add check on nthreads, to keep it lower than the number of procs
  • Add memory and data I/O print
  • Update documentation
  • Add src/fgetpid.c and function getpid() in type_timer.f90, necessary for ifort compilation
  • Update Makefile, and accordingly
  • Increase test.ksh threshold on RMS to to accomodate for rounding differences between compilers
  • Improve vertical fit with a parametric function optimized with bound-constrained nonlinear conjugate gradient
  • Bug fix with allocations in hybrid_diag for nv>1
  • Bug fix for
  • Change model_coord call location (in hybrid_diag now)
  • Remove sdata_paratial_deallocation
  • Add C++ routines to build a cover tree and find nearest neighbors (also used for median filter)
  • Move fit subroutines in a module tools_fit.f90
  • Update horizontal fit optimization (bracket finder and golden section search instead of the Nelder-Mead minimizer)
  • Remove vertical fit option 'eof' (too noisy)
  • Update parametric vertical fit optimization
  • Add a vertical smoother for fitted length-scales
  • Remove %param[...] variables from the curve object, add %fit_M for the implicit diffusion equation fit