New release in cen SURFEX branch

Added by matthieu lafaysse over 3 years ago

Dear Crocus users,

The cen branch (stable branch for Crocus users) has just been updated with numerous modifications including:

- The CrocO framework for data assimilation in Crocus with a Particle Filter: from Bertrand Cluzet

- Numerous numerical optimizations (order of loops, position of if statements, netcdf instructions, etc.) significantly improving the running times from Rafife Nheili

- Standalone version of Crocus for coupling with other numerical surface schemes: from Rafife Nheili

- Rewritting of microstructure prognostic variables with explicit names and removing of B92 metamorphism parameterization from Mathieu Fructus

- New functionalities of Crocus-RESORT module: from Carlo Carmagnola

- Other minor changes from various contributors

Many thanks to all contributors and to Mathieu Fructus and Rafife Nheili for the merging work and associated tests.

For standard users, only minor numerical differences are expected compared to previous version.

All branches from our group (cen cen_hotfix cen_release cen_dev) have converged today at a unique and common state before the beginning of a new cycle of developments.

There is no urge to update your code but note that we will ask all users to update their code in case of bugs in older versions.
(git pull and new compilation)

If despite all our tests, you meet troubles with this new version, please report them through the support interface:

Thank you