Install VORTEX

External users do not need to install the vortex package (and they are not allowed to do it).
Météo-France users who need to run experiments on the HPC system need to use the vortex package.

Use a pre-installed version of vortex

For standard users who do not need to implement modifications in vortex code, it is recommended to directly use the pre-installed stable version of vortex cen_dev branch.
For that purpose, you need to add the following items to your .bash_profile (and run it):

For belenos:

export VORTEX=/home/cnrm_other/cen/mrns/lafaysse/common/vortex/vortex-cen

For sxcen:

export VORTEX=/home/lafaysse/common/vortex/vortex-cen

Then, go the last section of this documentation

Updating process for code managers only

Install your own vortex code:

For users who need to implement new algorithms or resources in the vortex code, it is necessary to install vortex from the git repository :

We recommend to download it locally on your machine with git pull and synchronize it remotely using rsync command (recommended if you need to develop, see example file attached)

For a first install, you must belong to the vortex opensource project. For that, ask to give you access to the project, specifying that you need to implement new developments (and copy to ).
You do not need to provide again your ssh key if you have already done it for the other projects.
Then, you'll find more information (install, doc) on :

You must choose the cen_dev branch.

Basically, installing requires to download the git repo. and add a few vortex paths to your PYTHONPATH.

First, add the following items to your .bash_profile (and run it):

export VORTEX=<your_path_to_vortex>

Attention: for a local installation WORKDIR and therefore MTOOLDIR might be undefined. In this case MTOOLDIR has to be set before executing a task that fetches data.

file transfers with hendrix archive and sxcen

When a simulation is launched on belenos or taranis, Vortex automatically downloads input files from hendrix or the belenos/taranis cache (/scratch/mtool/<yourname>/cache/vortex/), and uploads the output of the simulations on hendrix and the cache.
You just have to let Vortex use ftp from belenos/taranis to hendrix:

ftmotpasse -h -u <yourname>

The same procedure applies if you'd like to upload light output data to any server other than hendrix, e.g. :

ftmotpasse -h -u <yourname>

(!) don't forget to re-run these commands every time you change your password (as Météo-France asks you on a yearly basis). Otherwise, the authentication for the trasfer of outputs will fail.

file transfers to a local machine

make sure that your user creditals for hendrix are stored in your .netrc file (in the home directory). There should be a line like:

machine login <yourusername> password <yourpassword>

and that only the user has read and write permissions for the .netrc file.

chmod og-rw .netrc

removes read and write permissions for group and other.

That's it !